Festival Crew alcohol vulnerability training

Festival Crew alcohol vulnerability training is for festival staff to ensure customer safety and reduce alcohol vulnerability.

Festival Crew is an element of our Nightlife Crew alcohol vulnerability train the trainer package. Festival Crew is a half-day training for dedicated staff who will engage with festivalgoers, offering them support, and promote a positive and safe environment. Festival Crew members will be able to identify negative situations and resolve them.

Unlike most wellbeing support currently available at festivals, Festival Crew is mobile and operates a triage system where festivalgoers will be directed to the services they require. We recommend there is a Festival Crew team to per 4000 festivalgoers.

How this will benefit festivals and communities

  1. Ensure customer safety
  2. Provide customers a good time and see them again next year
  3. Demonstrate a responsible festival
  4. Show you care about festivalgoers
  5. Reduce crime and blue light incidences
  6. Free up staff time, so they can focus on their own work
  7. Build a relationship with your local community

Interested in Nightlife Crew?

Find out more by emailing us on nightlifecrew@drinkaware.co.uk or calling us on 020 7766 9900.

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