About us

Drinkaware is an independent charity which aims to reduce alcohol-related harm by helping people make better choices about their drinking. We will achieve this by providing impartial, evidence based information, advice and practical resources, raising awareness of alcohol and its harms and by working collaboratively with partners.

We engage and work directly with both the alcohol industry and public sector bodies to tackle alcohol-related harms. Here you'll find information about who we are, what we do and how we can help you. 

Funding and support

We are funded by voluntary pledges from the alcohol industry. There are many benefits of becoming a Drinkaware funder.

As a funder, you can use or logo trademark licence agreement, share our campaign and marketing assets, access our insight and publications, such as the Drinkaware Monitor, an annual analysis of drinking trends in the UK, to contribute to your own Corporate Social Responsibility commitments.


We exist to positively change public behavior and the national drinking culture to help reduce alcohol misuse and minimise alcohol-related harm. You could become part of our team to make a vital difference and help people make better choices about their drinking.