Research is vital to improve the understanding of how to reduce harm from alcohol in the UK - and researchers need your help.

The list below includes general information about the studies, what is required from participants and what difference the studies hope to make.  If there’s a study that catches your eye, you can contact the researcher responsible for the study using the details listed below and ask for more details.   

We only list studies that are undertaken by reputable researchers and which have received ethical approval.  Please have a look at the details, and you might also want to discuss it with someone such as a healthcare professional, before making up your mind about whether to take part.

The list below is provided to give information only.  It shouldn’t be treated as advice or as a recommendation to take part in any of these studies.


What is the title of this study
Alcohol abstinence and consumption reduction: Emotions and identities

What’s this study about?
The aim of this study is to understand aspects of identity, emotions experienced and coping strategies adopted by former binge or excessive drinkers when giving up alcohol entirely or significantly.

Who can take part?
Individuals who have lived in Britain for more than 10 years who are aged 18- 25, who were binge or excessive drinkers before and currently consider themselves to be abstainers, occasional drinkers or responsible drinkers can take part in this study. 

What will participants be asked to do?
Participants will be asked to take part in an interview with the researcher. The interview will last between one to two hours.  Participants will also be asked to keep an online diary for 8 weeks about social situations or experiences that involve alcohol. 

Where is this research taking place?
The research will be mainly take place in Nottingham. However, the researcher can travel to any city in the Midlands.

When can I take part in this study?
Until end of October 2016

How will this study benefit the wider public?

This research will help increase our knowledge of the emotions and strategies used by former binge or excessive drinkers.

The results of this study will be available to health care professionals, policy makers and those working to improve the population’s health.

The findings could be used to develop ways to support binge or excessive drinkers to reduce their drinking. They could also be used to inform campaigns and programmes that aim to encourage people to change their drinking behaviour 

Who is conducting the research?
Samanthika Gallage - Doctoral Researcher

Which institution is responsible for the study?
University of Nottingham, UK.

Who is funding the study?
University of Nottingham, UK

Who has reviewed this study?

Nottingham University Business School Ethics Committee, Chair: Dr Amanda Crompton. Research ethics approval awarded on 22nd of February 2016.

Who should potential participants contact about taking part in the study? How should potential participants contact this person?
If you are interested in participating in this study please contact Samanthika Gallage through email or mobile 074 7307 5135.

Please note that enquiring about participation does not commit you in any way.