Drinkware's statement in response to: Distilling the curriculum

Date Published

14th January 2022





In response to the research paper ‘Distilling the curriculum: An analysis of alcohol industry-funded school-based youth education programmes’ which included materials produced by Drinkaware, a Drinkaware spokesperson said:

“Drinkaware is an independent alcohol education charity which aims to reduce alcohol-related harm by helping people make better choices about their drinking. By offering evidence-based information the charity helps people decide which practical changes are right for them and gives tips and advice to form new habits and make it easier to drink less.

“Founded by the UK Government, the devolved administrations and the Portman Group which represented the alcohol industry, Drinkaware is funded by unrestricted voluntary donations from more than 130 organisations. These include UK alcohol producers, retailers, supermarkets, venues, restaurant groups and sports associations. Donations are given without restriction, and funders are not asked for, and, nor do they give, approval to any aspect of our work.

“Drinkaware for Education was wound down in 2019. The materials included in this research are out of date and don’t reflect our current guidance. They should have been removed from our website and they now have been. We’re sorry this didn’t happen sooner.”