Drinkaware's response to the Department for Education and Home Office launching a working group into spiking at universities

Date Published

24th May 2022




In response to the announcement that the Department for Education and Home Office has launched a new working group dedicated to tackling the number of spiking attacks against students, Annabelle Bonus, Drinkaware's Director of Evidence and Impact said,

“We welcome today’s announcement that the UK Home Office has formed a working group, led by University of Exeter Vice-Chancellor Professor Lisa Roberts, dedicated to tackling spiking attacks at universities. The more research, information, and discussion there is about this crime, the better we can prevent spiking and support the people effected.

“In April we announced that we are working with Anglia Ruskin University on vital research, which aims to better understand the prevalence of drink spiking across the UK. This research will be released in 2023.

“Ensuring public spaces are safe from assault and harassment such as drink spiking is a collective responsibility and not one that should only be placed on the potential victim. However, if you need advice on how to reduce your risk head to our website.”