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There's lots of ways to enjoy more Drink Free Days: from easy activities to get in shape to simple tips to help you stay on track when temptation strikes. 

There's no right or wrong way, so view our suggestions and find what works best for you:

Enjoy active Drink Free Days


A team of walking football players enjoying their Drink Free Days.

From walking football to exercise classes and easy things you can do at home or with the family, there's plenty of ways to cut back, be fitter and improve your overall health at the same time.

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Learn about health benefits


A couple embrace, in their kitchen.

Regular drinking can cause serious problems for your health, including increasing your risk of several cancers, and liver and heart disease. Get the facts and use them as motivation to help you stick to your Drink Free Days.

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Tips to help you hit your goal


Two friends catching up in a cafe on their Drink Free Day.

Busy schedules, social events and stressful situations can all be triggers to drink when we'd planned to enjoy a Drink Free Day. Use these simple, practical tips to help you stick to your plan and achieve your goals.

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How to stay in control


Couple walking their dog on a Drink Free Day.

If you're already enjoying Drink Free Days the majority of the week and want to cut down on the days you do drink, try these simple tips to make sure you keep the short and long term risks from alcohol to low levels.

Tips to stay in control


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