What’s it like to cut back on drinking?

We asked eight men to cut back on their drinking for six weeks and they were rather surprised with the results. 


With our 'Have a little less, feel a lot better' campaign we're trying to raise awareness of the long-term effects of drinking above the guidelines. Cutting back your alcohol intake by just one pint or one glass of wine each time you drink could reduce your risk of alcohol related harm now and in the future.

We asked eight men to road test our 'Have a little less, feel a lot better' advice over six weeks and they were rather surprised with the results.

Their six week journey

Our eight volunteers used their own mobiles to record their experience. Watch the videos below to see how they got on:

The benefits of cutting back

Nearly all of our road testers said they felt the benefits of cutting back including: 

  • Having more energy
  • Sleeping better
  • Weight loss

We also told them that cutting back on one or two drinks each time they drank could help reduce the risk of longer term health concerns such as:

How did they feel cutting back?

Mark's story

Mark, a long distance lorry driver lost the most weight at nearly a stone:

Chris' story

Chris didn't realise that his drinking had contributed to his health issues. We took him to the London Clinic to have a liver function blood test where he received some surprising news. Watch Chris' story below to find out more:

Breaking the habit

Dean admitted he drank out of habit and during the course of this challenge asked his family to help keep him on track. He even sellotaped the ring-pull on beer cans to help deter him when he went to the fridge.

Since having a little less, Dean's realised that he was drinking for all the wrong reasons and now focuses on savouring what he has instead of falling back into old habits.

Assess your drinking

Use our online tool above to calculate how having a little less alcohol can make a big difference to you.

Cut back, eat right and get active 

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