If you are travelling over the festive season the advice from Network Rail is clear:

Keep a clear head at railway stations and level crossings.

If you do choose to drink this festive season remember:

  • at railway stations take extra care on the escalator or standing on the platform to ensure you get home safely
  • alcohol and level crossings don’t mix. Using a level crossing whilst intoxicated could put you in a potentially dangerous situation.

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Why drinking alcohol increases your chances of having an accident

Alcohol affects your body’s responses and slows down your brain which means you are more likely to have an accident. Drinking alcohol can:

  • slow down our reactions
  • affect our judgement and reasoning
  • upset our sense of balance and coordination
  • impair our vision and hearing
  • make us lose concentration and feel drowsy.

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The more you drink the more likely the chances of an accident become

As you drink your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) rises and you begin to become intoxicated. The feeling you get when the amount of alcohol in your blood increases can have disastrous consequences. It can lower your inhibitions, make you overestimate your own abilities and behave recklessly, causing you to take unnecessary risks that could put your life in danger.

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Stay in control of your drinking and stay safe when travelling        

The best way to limit the risk of alcohol related accidents is to follow the UK Chief Medical Officers’ advice.

The CMOs’ advice for men and women who wish to keep their short term health risks (such as injury and accident) from single occasion drinking episodes to a low level is to reduce them by:

  • limiting the total amount of alcohol you drink on any single occasion
  • drinking more slowly, drinking with food, and alternating with water
  • planning ahead to avoid problems e.g. by making sure you can get home safely or that you have people you trust with you.

If you want to know exactly how much you’re drinking download the free Drinkaware mobile phone app which lets you track how many units are in your drinks.

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