Pub of the Future

Pub of the Future is a new initiative trialing NFC and QR code technology in UK-wide pubs and bars, to help customers make informed choices about drinking.

Customers can use Drinkaware’s NFC enabled beer mats and bar runners to discover calorie and unit information about their drinks. They can do this by tapping their NFC enabled smartphone on the mats or scanning a QR code with their iPhone.

The runners and mats will show images of a range of popular drinks including sparkling wine, beer, wine, spirits and cider. The beer mats can also provide information on how long customers would have to run for to burn off calories in their current drink.

Messaging will prompt users to tap their NFC device on the drink of their choice, to encourage engagement with Drinkaware’s product.

What happens next?

After tapping their phone on the mat or scanning the QR code, customers will be directed to a web page providing detailed information on units, calories and nutritional value in their drink.

Drinkaware hopes this will help people make more informed choices about drinking alcohol, by giving them facts and the information they need to compare their intake with the new UK government alcohol guidelines.

Working with partners

Drinkaware has teamed up with four partners for the technology trial; Punch Taverns, Frederic Robinson’s, JD Wetherspoon and Shepherd Neame. The trial will launch in 19 pubs from Sunday 15th February, rolling out to other venues by the end of the month.

We believe that pub and restaurant environments could be effective in helping people to understand the impact of their drinking on their health.

After the trial we will establish its success based on whether people have a better understanding of what they drink and how it could affect them.


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