No More Excuses – take more Drink Free Days

Drinkaware’s new Drink Free Days campaign is encouraging the nation to consider the different ‘excuses’ we can make when drinking alcohol.

'No More Excuses' highlights the major benefits of taking more Drink Free Days each week, it reveals the worrying drinking habits that developed over the lockdown period, as well as health risks to those drinking more than the official guidelines of 14 units a week.

Research reveals that many people drank more alcohol during the lockdown1,2, giving reasons such as drinking out of boredom, having more time to drink and drinking because they felt anxious. Those who said they drank more also displayed worrying drinking habits, such as drinking on more days than they would usually, drinking earlier in the day and drinking to cope with stress.

Drinkaware is concerned that these habits could become ingrained over the long-term, with many more people at increased risk of health harms from drinking.

The ‘No More Excuses’ campaign encourages people to see how their drinking compares against the rest of the UK, to highlight any harmful drinking habits that have developed during lockdown.

Taking more Drink Free Days is a great way for people to reduce the amount they are drinking.

The more alcohol people drink, the greater their risk of developing a number of serious health conditions, such as high blood pressure and heart disease, as well as seven types of cancer. By targeting those most at risk of health harms from drinking, the campaign encourages them to reduce the amount they drink to reduce their risk of alcohol-related health harms.

Primary audience

Our primary audience remains midlife drinkers aged 45-64 who are drinking routinely in the home and over the low risk drinking guidelines. In addition, this campaign will target drinkers aged from 35, because our research tells us that younger adults drank more over lockdown. The campaign also targets people in areas such as the North East, North West, Yorkshire & Humber and South West. These are areas of the UK where adults were drinking more over lockdown and are at a higher risk of harm from alcohol.

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Supporting the campaign will help us to reach more people to encourage them to take more Drink Free Days and reduce their risk of health harms from drinking. 

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