Drink Free Days Campaign

Drinkaware is launching year two of our flagship campaign Drink Free Days which targets midlife drinkers aged 45-65 who are drinking routinely in the home and over the low risk drinking guidelines.

Extensive research from the evaluation of last year’s campaign told us that midlife men and women are receptive to the idea – and therefore the message – of taking several Drink Free Days each week. Incorporating Drink Free Days was found to be a positive and encouraging way for them to change their drinking habits for the better, thereby reducing their risk of alcohol related harm.

The more alcohol people drink , the greater their risk of developing a number of serious potentially life limiting health conditions, such as high blood pressure and heart disease, as well as seven types of cancer.

Regular drinking also increases the amount of calories consumed and can contribute to weight gain and obesity.

Our central message and campaign call to action – taking Drink Free Days – remains consistent, but this year we are building on the this, delivering a more memorable and engaging tone, with ‘No Alcoholidays’.

This creative approach was validated through qualitative research, which indicated that overall, ‘No Alcoholidays’ resonated with our target audiences. Our fun, new creative aims to improve memorability and encourage alternative lifestyle behaviours to drinking. With ‘No Alcoholidays’ we will introduce our audiences to different activities and moderation strategies.

Behavioural Science

Digital advertising will still drive the audience to Drinkaware’s DrinkCompare calculator which this year has been developed further for users. The online tool will continue to show users the impact of their drinking and how it compares to the rest of the UK, utilising social proofing techniques to motivate them to cut down. It has been improved to provide moderation strategies, based on recommendations by the Behavioural Insights Team, that target the cognitive biases that influence risky drinking behaviours. The tool has been updated to encourage people who drink most days to commit to taking more Drink Free Days while the advice the tool gives is now more tailored to the ways in which users drink

Read the full 'No alcoholidays' campaign evidence pack

Interactive tools and videos

Advertising, engaging video content and an online tool have been created to help people understand the ways in which alcohol affect’s the body and to help them moderate their drinking.

Support our campaign

Support from our partners and funders helps us to reach those who will benefit from our campaigns.

Our Drink Free Days toolkit contains a range of materials:

  • Social media images and copy
  • Digital advertising images
  • Posters
  • Radio ads

If you would like to support the campaign and download all campaign assets, please contact Drinkaware via contact@drinkaware.co.uk.

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