Governance, funding and support

Drinkaware works with individuals, communities, industry and governments to reduce alcohol harm across the UK.

Drinkaware’s mission is to use our expertise to give knowledge and support to governments, industry, communities and individuals to enable them to make informed decisions about alcohol and how to reduce the harm it can cause.


Governance, funding and support

Funding and support

Drinkaware is funded by voluntary and unrestricted donations from major UK alcohol producers, pub operators, restaurants, major supermarkets and other retailers.

Drinkaware donors help support our aim to reduce harmful drinking by directing their customers to information and advice on the Drinkaware website (through the use of on packaging and advertising); and help extend the reach and impact of our campaigns as part of their commitment to social responsibility. Our research publications are made available to donors, as they are to non-donors and the general public, on our website.

Income from consumer information, logo licencing and partnerships may be generated by Drinkaware Trading Limited. Drinkaware Trading Limited (company number 11735195) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Drinkaware Trust and trades only to raise funds for its charity’s aims.

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The work of Drinkaware is overseen by an independent Board of Trustees, chaired by Lucy Armstrong, who each bring relevant expertise to the operations of Drinkaware and act with full independence. Our independent governance, and our commitment to be led by evidence, was in 2014 further strengthened in response to the recommendations of the 2013 independent review of Drinkaware.

Our Memorandum and Articles of Association state that trustees shall be appointed through an open recruitment process based solely on their ability to meet the needs of the Trust; and that the Board may only appoint Trustees who are currently employed in the alcohol industry, or have a policy role with respect to alcohol, if they satisfy this criterion and if there are not more than two such Trustees in either category.

Drinkaware is committed to being evidence-led and to contribute positively to the evidence base around alcohol-related harm; all of our medical information and guidance for the public is reviewed by our Independent Advisory Panel.

In 2023, we launched a new three-year strategy that sets out Drinkaware's vision, mission, values, and goals.

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