History of ‘Drunken Nights Out’ project

In 2014, we published a strategic review into the role we can play in reducing the harms associated with drunken nights out.

The report, ‘Drunken nights out: motivations, norms and rituals in the nigh-time economy’ was based on extensive qualitative research among 18-29 year olds who drink to get drink in the night-time economy.

The review highlighted that one in three women and one in 10 men had experienced drunken sexual harassment on a night out. The Drunken Nights Out project aims to reduce those incidences. The key strands are:

Wouldn’t Shouldn’t awareness campaign: An integrated advertising campaign with the message, ‘You Wouldn’t Sober, You Shouldn’t Drunk’, initially tested in Nottingham late 2014 and now being evaluated in the North West England.

Drinkaware Crew

In 2014, we began a behaviour change intervention introducing staff into venues to provide support to customers who are potentially vulnerable because of excessive alcohol.

Where we are now…

The 2014 pre-pilot in Nottingham highlighted to us that we should expand Drinkaware Crew to cover wider issues around personal boundaries and vulnerability. 

In 2015, Drinkaware Crew was introduced to more clubs and venues across England.

This expansion has focused on maintaining an enjoyable, safe environment for customers by:

  • Promoting and encouraging a positive social atmosphere (mixing with customers, chatting, offering help)
  • Providing support for customers who are already in trouble in-venue
  • Making sure everyone leaves the venue safely

We develop and deliver Drinkaware Crew training

Drinkaware Crew complete a full-day training and have an assessment. Our trusted partner, Hollaback contributed content from their ‘Good Night Out’ campaign.

A Drinkaware Crew Manual has been developed to offer explicit guidance on how to work with venues.

Who we’re working with


  • Cheltenham Borough Council
  • Devon & Cornwall Police Crime Commissioner
  • Gloucestershire Police Crime Commissioner
  • Nottingham Police Crime Commissioner
  • Devon and Cornwall Police
  • Nottingham City Police
  • Nottingham City Council
  • Nottinghamshire Police
  • Gloucestershire Police
  • Exeter City Council
  • Torbay Council
  • Plymouth Council University of Plymouth Student Union


  • Rock City (Nottingham)
  • Rescue Rooms (Nottingham)
  • Plymouth Student Union
  • Popworld (Portsmouth)
  • Moomoo (Chltenham)
  • The Venue (Torquay)
  • The Office (Turo)
  • Timepiece (Exeter)
  • Unit 1 (Deltic Group) (Exeter)


“We want our students to enjoy their night out and at the same time be safe. Our Drinkaware Crew scheme supports this…On a weekly basis we have students coming in to see us the night after and thanking us for helping them.” Clint Stephenson, Venue Operations Manager, Plymouth University Union

“There’s far too much abusive behaviour, there’s physical abuse too, and some sexual abuse. Having Drinkaware Crew helps us protect women and give them a great night out.” Paddy Tipping, Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner

Next steps….

Due to the success of the ‘Drunken Nights Out’ campaign we’ll continue to tackle drunken sexual harassment and other negative behaviours. Including:

  • Continuing our evaluation of the Wouldn’t Shouldn’t campaign in the North West over a three years
  • Evaluate 2015 Drinkaware Crew activity
  • Continue to work with venues with Drinkaware Crew
  • Expand Drinkaware Crew to more venues


If you’d like more information or would like to register interest to have Drinkaware Crew in your area please contact:  

Brett Crabtree, Head of Business Development.

Email: BCrabtree@drinkaware.co.uk 

Direct: 0207 389 1788