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We engage and work directly with both the alcohol industry and public sector bodies to tackle alcohol-related harms. If you’re a current funder, partner or you’re interested in working with us; here you can learn about our activities and impact.

Work with us to reduce alcohol-related harm

Our evidence-led approach and impact wouldn’t be possible without the vital funds and support given by our partners. 

Alcohol-related harm can have devastating impacts on individuals and their loved ones and can seriously impact the nation and its communities. In 2020, there were 7,423 deaths specifically related to alcohol in England alone, an increase of 20% compared to 2019 and a 20-year high. 

At Drinkaware, we know that drinking above the low-risk guidelines can put anyone’s health at risk. That’s why working together is critical to helping us do what we do. Without our partners, the lives of far more people would be at risk.  

By supporting Drinkaware, you can reduce alcohol harm by providing people with the information they need to make better, more informed choices about their drinking.  

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Our impact

Thanks to the ongoing support of our Funders and Partners, we have in the last year alone: 

Become a Drinkaware funder

Our corporate funders play a vital role in reducing alcohol-related harm around the UK and help us change the UK’s drinking habits for the better. 

Drinkaware is funded by voluntary and unrestricted donations from the alcohol industry. From start-up companies to major corporations operating in the UK and globally, our current funders include producers, supermarkets, retailers, hospitality and many more.

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Our current funders

We’re proud to work with a breadth of partners across industry, public health and non-government organisations.

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Partner with us

Your support makes a difference and in these difficult times, we need you now more than ever! From making a donation to working with us on a campaign, there are lots of ways to work together to reduce alcohol-related harm. 

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