MyDrinkaware app FAQs

Is the app available to download only in the UK?

Yes. MyDrinkaware app is only available to download in Apple and Google Play stores in the UK. 

Is the app available to all ages?

MyDrinkaware app does not have an age limit. For more information on this, check our Terms of Use.

How can I subscribe to MyDrinkaware newsletters via the app?

When you join MyDrinkaware, you will be asked if you would like to receive communications from Drinkaware via the newsletter as part of the onboarding process. Switch the toggle on and you’re done!

Why am I being asked for my sex when I join the app?

Alcohol is processed by male and females differently. MyDrinkaware app takes into account the Chief Medical Officers' Guidelines with regards to safe weekly alcohol consumption. The app uses these guidelines to flag the risk of binge drinking for both men and women. 

Does the app work in a different time zone?

MyDrinkaware app works fine in all European countries. Currently, it is more limited the further outside of the UK’s timezone you go. We are actively trying to make it more widely available, so you can use it as far away in the world as possible.

  • Does the app work in a different time zone? 


I can’t remember my password. How can I set a new one?

Step 1: On the Login screen on the MyDrinkaware app click on the link Forgot your password? and 

Step 2: A new screen will appear with a field where you can enter your email address.

Step 3: The app will send you an email with a secure and unique six-digit verification code. Retrieve the code and paste it back into the app when it is asking you to do so. 

Step 4: This triggers a new screen where you can set up a new password. Make sure you fill in both fields with the exact same password. 

Step 5: You should be taken straight back into the app.

Where can I see my historical data from the old app?

As you are logged into MyDrinkaware app, go to Progress in the bottom menu and you’ll have the options to explore the History tab at the top right of that screen.

How can I download all the data I have inputted into the app?

As you are logged into MyDrinkaware app, go to More in the bottom menu, then scroll down to Download my data.

How can I change my email address I’ve registered on the app with?

You cannot change the email address of an existing account due to the need to protect the privacy of any account created on the MyDrinkaware app. If you wish to log in with another email address, this will automatically mean that you are creating a new account from scratch.

How can I amend any of my other profile details?

As you are logged into the MyDrinkaware app, go to More in the bottom menu. Then choose My Profile and go down the page to the Update account details button. This will take you through the initial user set-up journey which gives you the chance to edit any of your personal information. 

How can I turn app notifications on or off?

As you are logged into the MyDrinkaware app, go to More in the bottom menu, choose Settings and click on the Open device settings button. It will take you to your phone settings where you can adjust Notifications for MyDrinkaware app.

Can I set specific days in the week for drink-free days?

Yes, go to Goals and choose the Drink-free days goal for either this week or the next week. There is an option to use a toggle to choose specific days for your drink-free days.

What is a unit and how is it calculated?

Units are a simple way of expressing the quantity of pure alcohol in a drink because alcohol drinks come in different strengths and sizes. One unit equals 10ml or 8g of pure alcohol. It takes an average adult one hour to process one unit of alcohol, although this varies from person to person.

Can I add branded drinks straight into the app?

A pre-existing list of branded drinks does not exist in the app. However, you can create your own drink and change the name to the brand of the drink you are recording. If you amend the ABV and the name of a drink you record, that will then register as a custom drink.

Can I delete a drink I have created as a custom drink?

It is not possible to delete a custom drink from your list of recent drinks. The app keeps a list of a maximum of five drinks.

Why am I being asked to rate my sleep?

Alcohol has an impact on your health and in particular affects the quality of your sleep. Rating your sleep helps you understand the connection between drinking and a good night’s sleep and what that looks like for you. 

How can I delete my account?

Step 1: Inside MyDrinkaware app, go to More and click Settings. At the bottom of that screen there is a Delete my account button.  

Step 2: Once you click on that, you will have the option to ask for a verification code which will be sent to your inbox. 

Step 3: Go to your inbox and copy the verification code. 

Step 4: Go back into the app area described above and click ‘I already have a code’. 

Step 5: Enter in your verification code into the field presented to you

in the next screen. 

Your account will be deleted.

Does Drinkaware share any data with third party companies?

Yes, with third party app stores, needed for the delivery of the app. Find more details on our Privacy Notice page.

How can I contribute with feedback?

We value and very much wish to get as much feedback as possible.

You can get in touch with us with your thoughts and suggestions on


How to report an issue with the app

You can get in touch with us on


I cannot find the answer I am looking for. How can I get in touch with Drinkaware?

If you need any help with the app, please do get in touch with us on



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