To make sure the App is supporting users in the right way it’s vital to find out more about App users and if they’re finding the tool useful for achieving their goals. Our App User Survey helped us to find out more.


The primary aim of this survey was to act as a recruitment tool to invite participants to follow-up telephone interviews where they could explain in more detail how they use the tool. A secondary function was to provide valuable feedback of users’ perceptions and opinions on the Drinkaware App.


This survey was sent to all apps users who signed up to the MyDrinkaware mailing list between 1st September and 5th October 2015 (n=3491). The opportunity to sign up to the mailing list was offered to all app users who either newly downloaded the App on or after 1st September, or who updated the App software on or after this date.

The survey was distributed via SmartSurvey on Monday 12th October, with a reminder sent on Thursday 15th to all who had not yet completed the survey and had not opted out of receiving the reminder.

A prize draw for a £50 Amazon voucher was offered as an incentive to survey completion. It should be recognised that all respondents were self-selected which limits the ability to generalise from these findings.


There were a total of 189 survey completions, which helped us to gain valuable insights into user experiences of the App:

  • When asked how easy it was to use the App regularly, 93% stated it was very easy or easy to use regularly.
  • When asked whether they felt the App had helped them cut down on their drinking, 70% stated that it had.
  • 98% of respondents who used the app past on-boarding stated that the App had made them think about how much they drink.

All respondents who had used the app past on-boarding were asked whether or not they would recommend the Drinkaware app to others. 95% of respondents said that they would recommend the App to others.

What people had to say about the Drinkaware: Track and Calculate Units App

“I love it! Have recommended to several people. I actively look forward to entering my day's results at the end of every day, especially when it's a no drink day.” (Female 25-44)

“Super app, I recommend it widely to my patients (I'm a GP)” (Male 45-60)

“I think this is a great app and it has helped me and is helping me realise just how much I was drinking and the dangers of this.” (Female 25-44)

“I look back and realise that the amount I drink can be dangerous. And is affecting my health.” (Male 61-64)

The full App User Survey results can be viewed here.