We surveyed 2,303 UK adults aged 18-75 to examine their drinking patterns and behaviours, their attitudes towards alcohol and drinking and their experiences of cutting down or attempting to cut down the amount of alcohol they drink.

The full Drinkaware Monitor 2015 can be downloaded here

Aims and objectives

The main aims of the research were:

  • To provide an overview of adults' drinking behaviour in the UK
  • To take a close look at attitudes towards alcohol and harmful drinking behaviour
  • To explore experiences of moderation within the UK population, looking at those who are currently thinking of cutting down, those who are currently trying to cut down, and those who have tried to cut down in the past.

Key findings contained in the report are

  • Overview of drinking in the UK
  • Alcohol consumptions patterns
  • Perceptions around drinking
  • Experiences of cutting down
  • Opportunities for cutting down and moderating

Key findings are highlighted in our press release.

Independent analysis

Drinkaware invites researchers to access the Drinkaware Monitor for independent analysis. For more information, please contact the Director of Research and Analysis, Dr John Larsen,