Our Research and Evaluation Reports

Here you can find our research and evaluation reports. Drinkaware undertakes innovative research to inform our resources and information, and we evaluate our work both through internal data monitoring and commissioning of external evaluators.


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Alcohol related hospital admissions up by a third

Alcohol Harm | Research Highlight

New data shows that hospital admissions involving alcohol have increased 37% in ten years. Drinkaware looks at why and digs deeper to see how a revised way of recording admissions could affect the data.

Underage Campaign Evidence

Underage | Literature Review

A desk review of published evidence on the associated risks of underage drinking, used to inform the Underage Drinking campaign launched in November 2014.

Drunken Nights Out: A Strategic Review

Night Time Economy | Drinking Attitudes | Drinking Behaviour | Qualitative Research

The review draws on original qualitative research comprising pre-work, interviews and workshops with a total of 80 participants in drunken nights out aged 18 to 29, a review of literature, and…

Impact of alcohol on adolescents’ brains: systematic review

Underage | Alcohol Harm | Literature Review

Drinkaware commissioned a systematic evidence review of the impact of alcohol on brain development in adolescence. The review found that: A large proportion of adolescents drink alcohol. …

Drinking behaviour and attitudes 2013

Drinking Attitudes | Underage | Drinking Behaviour | Survey

Influencing awareness, attitudes and behaviour change are the main objectives of our mission and form the backbone of Drinkaware's Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The KPIs relate to four…

Binge Drinking Evidence Review

Night Time Economy | Drinking Attitudes | Drinking Behaviour | Literature Review

After a call for evidence, Drinkaware appointed Independent researcher Dr Simon Christmas* to submit research to inform Drinkaware’s approach. The full report, titled ‘Drunken Nights Out…

Drinking behaviour and attitudes 2012

Drinking Attitudes | Drinking Behaviour | Survey

These reports offer a unique insight into the drinking attitudes and behaviour of Drinkaware’s three main target audiences: Young Adults - 18-24 year olds who are regular drinkers. Adults aged…

Drinkaware website evaluation 2013

Digital Resource | Evaluation | Survey

Based on a survey of 623 website users the evaluation examined the profile and motivations of a sample of visitors to the Drinkaware website and the value of the experience they received. Key…

Why Let Good Times Go Bad? campaign evaluation (2011-2012)

Night Time Economy | Evaluation

An evaluation study undertaken by the market research company, Millward Brown, surveyed 1,000 18-24 year olds in each of the years 2011 and 2012, and key findings included: Prompted awareness of…

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