Our Research and Evaluation Reports

Here you can find our research and evaluation reports. Drinkaware undertakes innovative research to inform our resources and information, and we evaluate our work both through internal data monitoring and commissioning of external evaluators.


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Evaluation of the Drinkaware App

Digital Resource | Intervention | Evaluation

Analysis of the effectiveness of the Drinkaware Track and Calculate in helping people moderate their drinking.

Drinkaware Website Visitor Feedback 2016

Digital Resource | Survey

Over 9 million people visited our website in 2016. Read our report to find out who they were and the impact of their visit.

Wouldn't Shouldn't 2016 Campaign Evaluation

Night Time Economy | Drinking Behaviour | Evaluation | Survey | Control Study

Evaluation of the Wouldn’t Shouldn’t campaign targeted at 18-24 year-olds in the North West of England.

Couples' Drinking Survey

Drinking Attitudes | Drinking Behaviour | Survey

In December 2016, Drinkaware conducted an online panel survey through Research Now of 2,000 adults, all of whom were in a relationship where at least one of the couple was drinking more than the low…

Mid Life Men Campaign Evaluation 2016

Drinking Attitudes | Moderation and Cutting Back | Drinking Behaviour | Evaluation | Survey

Evaluation of the Have a Little Less campaign targeted at men aged 45-64 years old.

Drinkaware Crew pilot report

Night Time Economy | Intervention | Evaluation

View the results of the pilot of the Drinkaware Crew scheme.

Drinkaware Web User Survey 2015

Digital Resource | Survey

Drinkaware routinely asks visitors of our website for their feedback. We undertake these surveys at different periods of the year to capture seasonal variation in visitor patterns and since 2015 the…

Drunken Nights Out Student Harassment Survey Summary

Night Time Economy | Drinking Attitudes | Drinking Behaviour | Survey

This research was undertaken by ICM Unlimited between 30th July and 12th August 2015. Via an online survey, over 2,000 students were asked about negative experiences they may have had on a night out…

Do our drinking patterns change as we age?

Drinking Behaviour | Research Highlight

In this edition of Research Highlights, we take a look at findings from a research project that examined these questions by taking a “life course” approach.  What is a “life course” approach? …

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