Our Research and Evaluation Reports

Here you can find our research and evaluation reports. Drinkaware undertakes innovative research to inform our resources and information, and we evaluate our work both through internal data monitoring and commissioning of external evaluators.


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Midlife Male Drinking

Adult Drinking | Drinking Attitudes | Drinking Behaviour | Moderation and Cutting Back | Qualitative Research

This report presents findings from research commissioned by Drinkaware, designed to address the question: what role could and should Drinkaware play in reducing consumption of alcohol among men aged…

Middle Aged Men Campaign Development report

Adult drinking | Drinking behaviour | Drinking Attitudes | Moderation and Cutting Back | Qualitative Research

We commissioned the research agency 2CV to undertake a series of focus groups with middle aged men to develop and refine messages that they would find relevant and engage with, presented in the Middle…

Drinkaware Monitor 2015: UK Adults experience of and views on cutting down

Adult Drinking | Alcohol Harm | Drinking Behaviour | Drinkaware Monitor | Survey

Background We surveyed 2,303 UK adults aged 18-75 to examine their drinking patterns and behaviours, their attitudes towards alcohol and drinking and their experiences of cutting down or attempting…

Apps and Alcohol

Adult Drinking | Digital Intervention | Moderation and Cutting Back | Research Highlights

The ever-growing popularity of apps brings with it the opportunity to reach and engage with people in a new way. From a health and wellbeing perspective this means exciting opportunities to promote…

Drinkaware: Track and Calculate Units App User Survey Results

Adult Drinking | Digital Intervention | Moderation and Cutting Back | Evaluation | Survey

The Drinkaware: Track and Calculate Units App aims to help users track alcohol consumption, calculate units and calories as well as spend on alcohol over time.

How much does the UK really drink?

Adult Drinking | Drinking Behaviour | Research Highlights

Understanding how much alcohol we consume is an important public health issue. Drinkaware looks at how alcohol consumption is currently measured and how that could be improved.

Drinkaware Monitor: Young People Report

Underage | Drinking Attitudes | Drinking Behaviour | Survey | Drinkaware Monitor

By separately interviewing young people and their parents we are able not only to investigate the drinking habits of young people but also to show how these relate to the attitudes, behaviours and…