Our Research and Evaluation Reports

Here you can find our research and evaluation reports. Drinkaware undertakes innovative research to inform our resources and information, and we evaluate our work both through internal data monitoring and commissioning of external evaluators.


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Drinkaware Crew venue and customer views

Intervention | Night Time Economy | Evaluation

The research examined experiences with and views on Drinkaware Crew working to reduce vulnerability in the night time economy

Which message is most engaging?

Alcohol Harm | Moderation and Cutting Back | Risk Information | Control Study

We worked with researchers at the Behavioural Insights Team, Public Health England and Warwick Business School to find out how different messages on our website engaged audiences in different ways

Drinkaware brief alcohol advice in the community

Intervention | IBA | Qualitative Research | Evaluation

Researchers from the University of Sunderland evaluated Drinkaware’s pilot of delivering alcohol identification and brief advice (IBA) and published the findings in the journal BMC Health Services Research

Understanding drinking among midlife men: a systematic review

Male Drinking | Midlife Drinking | Literature Review

We worked with researchers from Keele University, London South Bank University and the University of Sunderland to review research studies published 1995-2018 into the drinking experiences and views of midlife men in the United Kingdom

Drinkaware Monitor 2018: Drinking behaviour and moderation

Moderation and Cutting Back | Drinking Behaviour | Drinkaware Monitor | Survey

We surveyed a representative sample of 8,906 UK adults aged 18 to 85 online, between 14th May and 5th June 2018, to investigate drinking behaviours, alcohol and lifestyle and alcohol moderation.

Drink Free Days campaign evidence

Alcohol Harm | Intervention | Midlife Drinking | Qualitative Research

The evidenced behind the Drink Free Days campaign

Public Health England Alcohol Evidence Review

Alcohol Harm | Intervention | Research Highlight | Literature Review

Alcohol Evidence Review – the public health burden of alcohol and the effectiveness of alcohol control policies

How does drinking affect your mental well-being

Drinking Attitudes | Alcohol Harm | Drinking Behaviour | Survey | Drinkaware Monitor | Research Highlight

Read about our research looking into how drinking affects your mental well-being.

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