The Drinkaware Data Library

Each year we commission our Drinkaware Monitor, a UK representative survey, to find out who’s drinking how much and why. This data informs our understanding of general patterns of drinking among UK adults. This data library provides a more detailed look at our Drinkaware Monitor data over time in a series of reports.

The Drinkaware Data Library

The Drinkaware data library provides a more detailed set of data than we include in our Monitor research reports. It allows the reader to look back over time and by a series of variables including region, nation, age, gender, and social grade.

The library isn’t exhaustive, it isn’t a full dataset. But it is intended to be more accessible, with interactive charts to navigate the data without needing specialist skills, as well as the ability to download the data at the click of a button if required.

Scope of the Drinkaware data library

The data library covers six topic areas, each with a separate library report. These were selected based on those questions in the Drinkaware Monitor which have been used consistently over a number of years (the ‘golden questions’). You can view the reports below.


Drinking behaviours

Alcohol risk

Motivations for drinking

Future health and moderation


What the library doesn't do

Due to the format, it does not include statistical significance tests. Instead, unweighted base sizes are referenced throughout so the reader can consider the significance of any findings they come across themselves. There is also no commentary or observations, we simply provide the data in easy-to-view charts, maps, and tables. If you want more insights then you can refer to our full Monitor research reports or our nations reports, if you are interested in a particular nation.

Interactive features

All library reports are interactive, with tooltip data labels, the ability to select and de-select legend categories, tabbed charts for each year of available data, and a download button on every chart to export the data to CSV. Within each report, we have added icons to explain how to use these features.

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Last Reviewed: 24th March 2022

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