Drinkaware launches refreshed workplace training

Drinkaware is launching a refreshed adaptation of its successful health, safety and wellbeing training, Drinkaware at Work.

January 28, 2020

Drinkaware is launching a refreshed adaptation of its successful health, safety and wellbeing training, Drinkaware at Work. The programme has now been accredited by the CPD (Continued Personal Development) certification service and the RSPH (Royal Society for Public Health).

Drinkaware at Work is a comprehensive 12-month course, that aims to support the existing health, safety and wellbeing agenda of UK businesses.

The programme has three types of training options for employers. Each is designed to complement and reinforce a better understanding of employees’ choices about their drinking, leading to healthier, safer and more productive workplaces. The individual training elements comprise face-to-face training sessions, eLearning and ‘train the trainer’.

Ian Blake, Health and Wellness Partnership Development Manager for Drinkaware, said: “Delivering Drinkaware at Work training sessions to workforces across the UK has given us a huge insight into how much organisations prioritise their employees’ wellbeing. In response to this we’re delighted to have developed our offer into a 12-month package, which is now accredited by the CPD and RSPH, for employers that will really support their internal wellbeing calendar.

“Alcohol can affect every aspect of our lives – from our physical health and mental wellbeing to our relationships and financial stability. It can also affect our performance and safety at work. By really engaging people with our training, we can help them make better choices about drinking and ultimately help make a greater impact on reducing alcohol harm.”

A number of Travis Perkins Group’s head office teams received face-to-face Drinkaware at Work training over the course of last year. A spokesperson said: “Bringing Drinkaware to support our wellbeing programme in the TP Group has been both engaging and enlightening.  Every session generated lively discussion with everyone involved and found everyone reassessing what they thought they knew about the effects of alcohol on the mind and body.”

The face-to-face interactive training session delivers everything an employee needs to know about alcohol; from an explanation of units and drink strength, to the impact of alcohol on health and wellbeing at work. The ‘train the trainer’ programme also allows organisations to deliver Drinkaware at Work as part of their own learning and development.

Additionally, the digital course allows employees to learn about the effects of alcohol from their own desks and at their own pace. Both are suitable for anyone in the workplace who is looking to widen their knowledge about drinking and is committed to personal development through CPD accredited courses.

For more information visit Drinkaware at Work.

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