Drinkaware respond to Scottish Government Consultation on Restricting Alcohol Advertising and Promotion

Date Published

13th June 2023





In 2022, the Scottish Government published a consultation on the advertising and marketing of alcoholic products.

As the UK’s leading alcohol charity, Drinkaware works in partnership with others to reduce alcohol harm across the country. We use our expertise to give governments, industry, communities, and individuals the knowledge and support to make informed decisions about alcohol and how to reduce the harm it can cause. It is in this capacity we submitted the following response to the consultation.

In April 2023, the Scottish Government announced that the consultation would be paused and instructed officials to develop a new set of proposals.

Drinkaware is eager to be an active and supportive partner in efforts to reduce alcohol-related harms and we look forward to engaging with the Scottish Government further as it develops any new proposals in this area.

You can download a PDF of Drinkaware's response here.