Drinkaware comment on the Government’s response to the Home Affairs Committee report, ‘Spiking’

Date Published

4th July 2022





If you're looking for advice and support, please see our information on drink spiking and date rape drugs

Drinkaware has published a statement commenting on the Government’s response to the Home Affairs Committee report, ‘Spiking’.

Annabelle Bonus, Drinkaware's Director of Evidence and Impact said,

"The Government’s response to the 12 recommendations on spiking set out by the Home Affairs Committee, includes a promise to carry out a review of academic research into the best possible action to tackle the issue, which we welcome.

Drinkaware launched its own research, in partnership with Anglia Ruskin University, which aims to better understand the prevalence of drink spiking across the UK and we urge the Government to include it in its review.

“However, the lack of mandates on staff training and not providing a support package for night-time industries to boost security recruitment and training is disappointing. Ensuring public spaces are safe from assault and harassment such as drink spiking is a collective responsibility, but if venues are not receiving the appropriate support, the act of safeguarding customers becomes even more difficult.

“We look forward to hearing more about the initiatives and campaigns that the Government have proposed over the coming months and are keen to find out the outcome of its decision on creating a separate criminal offence of spiking in October.

“For more information and resources on drink spiking head to the Drinkaware website.”