Statement in response to Observer article on MyDrinkaware App relaunch

Date Published

31st October 2021




In response to an article in The Observer on Sunday 31st October about the MyDrinkaware app a Drinkaware spokesperson said:

“During the relaunch of our app which began on 30th August 2021, some existing users unfortunately experienced a delay with their drinks data migrating into the new app. Our team contacted everyone individually who reported this issue and ensured the data was restored for those who requested it. At no time was any users’ data deleted.

“The decision to update the app was made by our team because we wanted to provide users with the best possible experience and support. The app had previously been hosted on an old platform which could no longer be maintained. The decision to redevelop the product and migrate to a new platform presented us with the opportunity to carry out research and work closely with existing users to help shape the new design and prioritise the features they found most useful.

“We know some loyal and committed users haven’t appreciated the changes we’ve made. We’re listening to their concerns and are actively making changes based on their valuable feedback as this benefits the continued improvement of the product.

“For Drinkaware to meet its aim of reducing alcohol-related harm the app needs to be as effective as possible. The Drinkaware app plays a key role in supporting and motivating people through their moderation journey to ultimately reduce their risk of harmful drinking. The app is central to our digital health agenda which aims to deliver a more personalised experience of Drinkaware products and help even more people make better choices about their drinking.

“We are sorry for any problems experienced during the process of updating our app and we continue to welcome feedback from anyone affected.”

Please email if you would like to share feedback.


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