Drinkaware responds to publication of LSHTM study

Date Published

8th September 2017




A Drinkaware spokesperson said:

“The Drinkaware Trust is an independent alcohol education charity with a clear remit to provide evidence-based information and tackle alcohol related harm. Its purpose is to reduce alcohol misuse and harm in the UK. Although funded by donations from alcohol producers, supermarkets and others, it is not an industry organisation.

“The Drinkaware website carries extensive information about alcohol and health, all of which has been approved by Drinkaware’s Medical Advisory Panel which is made up of senior and independent experts. The Panel regularly reviews peer-reviewed medical evidence and how Drinkaware presents this information to the public to ensure that it is doing so in an accurate and reliable manner.

“Its recent review of Drinkaware’s cancer information, which is extensive, has confirmed that the information we are providing accurately reflects the most recent research evidence.

“More generally, Drinkaware has been certified as a producer of reliable health and social care information under the Information Standard which is a programme designed to ensure that public health information services adhere to a set of best practice principles; use only recognised evidence sources and present all information in a clear and balanced way.”

Please use the links provided to view Drinkaware's information on alcohol and cancer, alcohol and bowel cancer, alcohol and breast cancer, alcohol and liver cancer, and alcohol and oral cancer.