Drinkaware responds to ONS 'avoidable mortality' data

Date Published

30th August 2017




Today the ONS has released 'avoidable mortality' dataDr John Larsen, Drinkaware's Director of Evidence and Impact, comments:

“Cardiovascular disease kills thousands and affects millions of people across the country, whether they are affluent or living in areas of economic disadvantage. We know there is a link between frequent high levels of alcohol consumption and cardiovascular disease and we also know that the over 50s are consuming more alcohol than younger generations.

"Today’s statistics on avoidable mortality rates from the ONS suggest that many people from all socio-economic backgrounds can benefit from drinking a little less alcohol, but especially the over 50s who are more likely to be diagnosed with cardiovascular disease.

“Drinkaware exists to help people make better choices about their drinking and are encouraging people to be open to the idea of cutting back by just one or two drinks every time they drink. Having a little less can have a huge impact on people’s heart health.”