Drinkaware responds to chief medical officers advice on low risk drinking

Date Published

25th August 2016




Drinkaware responds to Chief Medical Officers’ advice on low risk drinking.

Elaine Hindal, chief executive of alcohol education charity Drinkaware says:

“Not everyone chooses to drink alcohol, but for those who do it’s important they understand how they can keep their risk to a minimum.

"The consultation process has led to a revised version of the guidelines, which we understand has been adapted through market testing to ensure language and explanations are easier to understand. We hope that the clearer language will help people make better choices about their drinking and give them practical advice to reduce the short and long-term health risks of alcohol.

“Our own research suggests that aside from the well-known impacts on the liver, broader alcohol-related health risks such as heart disease, stroke and some types of cancer are not commonly understood by many people.

“Lowering the limit for men and women to 14 units per week or around 6 pints of average strength beer, may help to simplify the message that excessive drinking carries an increased risk of health harms.”

View the Chief Medical Officers' advice on low risk drinking