Drinkaware partners with Asda to promote Drink Free Days

Date Published

28th January 2020




The one-day event, on Friday 17 January, saw Drinkaware stalls set up in 47 Asda stores across the UK, with trained Drinkaware ambassadors advising and engaging with customers.

This year’s activity included a focus on Drink Free Days, Drinkaware’s flagship campaign to help midlife drinkers – aged 45-64 - reduce their alcohol consumption by taking more drink free days every week. Ambassadors also handed out alcohol assessment scratch cards to encourage customers to reflect on their drinking habits, Drinkaware alcohol unit measure cups, and ‘talking to your kids about alcohol’ leaflets. They were also able to discuss any concerns shoppers had about their own or a family member’s drinking.

Around 3,300 customers visited a Drinkaware stand in-store and 150 people engaged with the campaign online in 10 stores where the Drinkaware ambassador was equipped with a tablet.

Drinkaware Chief Executive Elaine Hindal said: “We’re delighted with our activity in Asda stores, giving us a powerful platform to talk directly to their shoppers every January – a time when many people are looking for information and help to cut back on their drinking.”

“Our Drink Free Days campaign, which is set to run again from early February, is proving a helpful tool for many people. We’re confident that its simple message, combined with the advice from our in-store ambassadors, will have encouraged many Asda customers to make positive changes about their drinking and lead a healthier life in 2020.”

Chris Lowe, Senior Director for Public Affairs at Asda, said: “We are pleased to have partnered again with Drinkaware, helping them to engage with our customers.

“We know that our customers respond positively to the Drinkaware presence in-store, and value the opportunity to receive factual, non-judgmental advice about drinking, in an informal setting. The initiative is an important part of Asda’s commitment to help our customers drink responsibly.”

Fourteen Members of Parliament visited their local Asda store and chatted to Drinkaware ambassadors and customers, including Dean Russell, MP for Watford, who said: “It was great to see Asda take a lead in promoting the need for responsible alcohol consumption. Drinkaware’s advice provides people with an easy and achievable way to cut back and reduce the risk of alcohol-related harm to their health.”