Drinkaware is fully committed to helping people make informed choices about alcohol suggesting otherwise willfully misrepresents the charity

Date Published

13th September 2018




September 13, 2018

A Drinkaware spokesperson said:

“Drinkaware is an independent charity which is not part of and does not speak on behalf of the alcohol industry.

“Since our inception 11 years ago, Drinkaware has provided evidence led advice, information and support to millions of people concerned about alcohol and its harmful effects.

“Our website and public statements consistently promote the Chief Medical Officers’ guidelines and the latest evidence and facts about alcohol and its harms.

“All of our output is overseen and verified by an independent Medical Advisory Panel consisting of well-regarded and highly experienced health professionals.

“As well as this important campaign with Public Health England, Drinkaware works with organisations across a range of sectors from the police and Government departments to businesses in the night time economy to promote tools, initiatives and campaigns aimed at informing the public about drinking and its harmful effects.

“Our commitment to helping people make informed choices about alcohol is unswerving and to suggest otherwise is to wholly and willfully misrepresent the charity and its aims.”