'Have a little less, Feel a lot Better' alcohol information kit

Are you using the 'Have a Little Less, Feel a lot Better' kit with your customers? Find out more about the process below.

The 'Have a Little Less, Feel a Lot Better' kit is designed to be used by pharmacy staff or people working in a health and wellbeing role in the community. It includes everything that is required to give your customers or clients personalised information about the amount they drink. People enjoy taking part and the results are often a surprise – some people find they drink more than they realised, others find they are drinking less. 

By now, you've received your 'Have a Little Less, Feel a lot Better' kit and have had a chance to see how the kit works.

How to use your 'Little Less' kit 

You can download the Information Guide again here.

Download the Information Guide

You can also download the Prompt Sheet here if you would like more copies to help you remember what to say when you're talking to your customer.

Download the Prompt Sheet

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