Have a little less, feel a lot better

Use our calculator to compare your weekly drinking to the rest of the UK. Watch videos of four men talk about the benefits they got form cutting back on alcohol for six weeks.

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How alcohol affects your body

Alcohol affects your body in a number of ways and can impact on your short and long term health. Watch the videos about alcohol and its impact on the heart, liverweight gain, erectile dysfunction and mental health below for more information.

The more you drink, the greater the chance of developing alcohol-related problems. You can keep your risk low by drinking within the Chief Medical Officers' (CMO) low risk drinking guidelines. Your risk of harm from alcohol is high if you are a man drinking over 50 units a week, or a woman drinking over 35 units a week. You can visit our support services page for help cutting back.

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Tips for cutting down

Discover simple ways for cutting back on your drinking.

Other useful links

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