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Drinkaware: 'Track and Calculate Units' Mobile App Terms and Conditions

This mobile application (the “App”) is made available by The Drinkaware Trust, a company limited by guarantee and registered in England and Wales with number 4547974 and with registered address Salisbury House 3rd Floor (Room 519), London Wall, London, England EC2M 5QQ (“Drinkaware”, “us”, “we” or “our”). Our Registered Charity Numbers are 1094586 and SC043163.

You, the user of the App, confirm your acceptance of these App terms of use (“App Terms”). If you do not agree to these App Terms, you must immediately uninstall the App and discontinue its use.  These App Terms are available from within the App and consist of two sections: (A) General Terms; and (B) Privacy & Analytics Terms.


General Terms


Drinkaware is committed to protecting your privacy. We set out below and in our privacy policy details of the data we will collect from you and how we use that data.

You acknowledge that where you use services provided by Apple or Google (or any other third parties) in connection with your use of the App, you will be subject to Apple’s, Google’s (or the applicable third party’s) terms and conditions and privacy policy and you should ensure that you have read such term.

The Data We Collect

The information you upload to the App, together with your “Weak Spots” data (if applicable), is received by Drinkaware and will be stored on your Device. If you delete the App or your Device is lost or destroyed, we cannot restore your data.

To use the App the only personal information you have to provide is your gender and year of birth. You do not have to provide us with your name or email address or other personal identifiers. If you choose to provide us with your email address, you consent to us being able to link the information you input into the App, together with your “Weak Spots” data (if applicable) to your email address.

If you do not provide us with your email address, Drinkaware will still receive the information you input into the App but we will identify your Device using a randomly generated ID (or similar) and we will not therefore identify you as an individual.


If you choose to provide your email address you agree to receive hints, tips, and support, updates, news, promotions, and information about our products or services from us by email.

You can unsubscribe from these emails at any time by going to the “Email Settings” screen in the App.

“Weak Spot” Function

Where you have chosen to use the ‘Weak Spot’ functionality, we may collect data relating to the location of your Device. The ‘Weak Spot’ functionality allows you to share with us specific locations where you drink. We will then send drinking related reminders to your Device if we identify that you are near such locations.

If you do not want to share with us the location of your Device, do not enter a ‘Weak Spot’.

If you delete all your ‘Weak Spots’, we will no longer receive location data from your Device. Alternatively, you may turn off the location settings on your Device at any time by accessing the “Privacy” or “Permissions” section of the “Settings” of your Apple or Android Device and by deactivating “Location Services” or “Location”.   

Analytics and Research

We use technology on our App for “analytics” purposes. This allows us to, for example, understand more about your interaction with our App and to calculate the aggregate number of people visiting our App and which parts of our App are most popular. This helps us gather feedback so that we can improve our App and better serve our users.

We also use the information collected by the App for research purposes. We may share this information with third party research partners but will only ever do so in a manner which does not identify you as an individual.

We do not use tracking technology for advertising purposes.

Your Consent to Analytics and Research

If you do not agree to the collection and processing of data for analytics and research purposes as described above you should not use the App (and you should uninstall it).

Our Privacy Policy

Any personal data processed by Drinkaware will be processed in accordance with our Privacy Policy