Everything you need to know about alcohol sessions

Group sessions with an experienced Drinkaware Trainer.

This one-hour interactive session delivers everything your employees need to know about alcohol – from improving the understanding of units and drink strength, to increasing awareness of the impact of alcohol on their health and wellbeing at work. We provide evidence-based, impartial advice, to empower your team make better choices about their drinking. 

Benefits to your workforce

Alcohol can affect every aspect of our lives, from long-term health to productivity, safety and wellness at work. Our experienced trainers engage your staff in a non-judgmental, informal way, ensuring high engagement throughout the session. All participants will leave the session with:

  • a good understanding of alcohol and its related harm
  • a unit measuring cup and calorie calculator wheel – helping them to keep within the recommended CMO low risk drinking guideline
  • a workbook with their own notes from the session and details of where to find more information and support if required.

What type of businesses can benefit most from the Everything you need to know about alcohol group sessions?

Interactive, engaging and empowering, the group sessions are particularly relevant for:

  • Businesses passionate about improving the safety, productivity and overall health and wellbeing of their workforce.
  • Companies with the majority of staff based in one or two main locations so we can deliver the training in mass.
  • We can deliver up to 4 group sessions per day, with up to 40 people in each group, reaching as many as 160 employees per day.


Drinkaware at Work group session - CPD certified Our Everything you need to know about alcohol group sessions are CPD certified.

What participants have said 

"Informative, interactive with surprising misconceptions blown out the window"

- Lloyds Register


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