Underage drinking

As a parent you have more influence over your child than you may realise. Evidence shows that meaningful conversations between parents and their kids help the child develop a sensible relationship with alcohol. 


Our advice, tips, and facts can help you understand the associated risks of underage drinking, why children may drink and how you can have effective conversations about alcohol. 

Understand why children drink alcohol

Understanding why your child may drink alcohol can help you influence your child to make sensible choices.

Why talk to your children about alcohol

Your child can adopt a healthier, happier attitude to alcohol the more you talk to them about it

How to prevent underage drinking

Strategies to prevent your child drinking alcohol underage.

How to talk about alcohol

Example answers to the tough questions your child may have about alcohol.

Know the risks of drinking alcohol underage

Underage drinking can put children at increased risk of physical and social harm

The law

Being clear on the law around alcohol is important - for both parents and children. The law isn’t simply about knowing right from wrong. It’s a reminder of the potential consequence of drinking alcohol underage.

Teenage drinking