What ruins a good night out?

Some people think that it’s OK to grab and grope strangers on a night out after a few drinks. But, there are still limits, even when you’re drunk. If you wouldn’t do it when you’re sober, you shouldn’t do it when you’re drunk.

Almost a third of young women have received unwanted physical attention and touching on a night out, and 10% of men.

Let's put an end to an all too common problem

We all know that a night out is meant to be a laugh. But, unfortunately, too many of them are ruined by these unwanted, intimidating sexual advances from people who are drunk.

These range from things like grabbing and groping, to serious sexual assaults. Far too often this kind of intimidating behavior is simply accepted as part of a ’good night out’.

Well it’s not. And, none of us should be prepared to stand for it.

It doesn't just affect women

Our new campaign aims to tackle this problem head-on. How? By making people question their behaviour on a night out when they’re in a sober situation. And making it clear that if it’s unacceptable sober, it’s unacceptable drunk.

You wouldn't sober. You shouldn't drunk

Almost a third of young women have received unwanted physical attention and touching on a night out. But, it’s also a problem for men too – with 10% saying they’ve had to deal with inappropriate attention and touching.

Support #GropeFreeNights

It’s time we put an end to unwanted drunken sexual harassment. Watch our film and share.

Groping isn't part of a great night out

See what makes a great night. Join the discussion and show your support using #GropeFreeNights

Need further help or advice?

If you, or someone you know, has been affected by sexual harassment or any sort of sexual harm, help and support is available. Victim Support is an independent charity for victims and witnesses of crime. They offer free, confidential help to anyone who’s been affected by sexual harassment. Call 08 08 16 89 111 or go to www.victimsupport.org.uk

Other organisations that can help:

Hollaback’s Good Night Out campaign
A campaign to end sexual harassment on nights out by the charity Hollaback.
A place to anonymously share information about criminal activity.
Everyday Sexism Project
A place for women to share their experiences of sexism