Stick to your Drink Free Days

Here are five useful tips to help you stick to your Drink Free Days.

Tell your friends and family

Ask for their support. Tell them how important it is for you not to drink that night and why. Remember, you might not be the only one feeling pressured to drink. You might even end up encouraging someone else to take the night off alcohol with you.

Have a zero

From beer to wine, there are plenty of new and delicious no-alcohol alternatives to try. If you know where you’re going, check the drinks menu ahead of time so you know what's available.

Be the designated driver for the night

Another way to help you stick to your Drink Free Days is to volunteer as the designated driver for the night. This means you can stick to your Drink Free Day and make sure your friends and family don't have to walk home in the cold.  

Team up

Find a friend that's having a Drink Free Day as well. There is strength in numbers.

Get creative with your activities

It can be difficult at first to think of drink-free options if you’re used to drinking socially with your friends and family, but you’ll be surprised at how many alternative activities there are out there! Have a look at our suggestions for Drink Free Days out and get inspired.

5 ideas to inspire your bucket list of Drink Free Days out

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