Club Crew nightlife safety training

Club Crew nightlife safety training is for dedicated club and venue staff to ensure customer safety and reduce alcohol vulnerability in the night-time economy.

Club Crew is part of our Nightlife Crew safety scheme. Included in our train the trainer package, this full-day course is for dedicated staff to work within venues & event spaces – like nightclubs - with a capacity of 500+.

The training covers core valuable skills in communication and supporting people who have become vulnerable from drinking alcohol, and is broken down into three key elements:

  • Creating a positive environment
  • Identifying potentially negative situations
  • Supporting people who have become vulnerable

Club Crew training comes as part of our Nightlife Crew package which also offers Festival Crew, Street Crew, Lead Crew and our Support Crew e-learning.

How this will this benefit venues and communities

  1. Ensure customer safety
  2. Provide customers a good time and keep them coming back
  3. Demonstrate that you are a responsible venue with a clear commitment to ensuring customer safety
  4. Free up staff time, so they can focus on what they’re really there for
  5. Build a relationship with your local community

More about Nightlife Crew

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