Nightlife Crew nightlife safety training

Our Nightlife Crew scheme was developed to keep young people safe on a night out by reducing alcohol related vulnerability with dedicated trained staff.

About Nightlife Crew

In 2014 we carried out a report called Drunken Nights Out: motivations, norms and rituals in the night-time economy. This identified vulnerability and sexual harassment as a real, unexposed issue within club culture and the night-time economy. As result of this, we created Drinkaware Crew to tackle these issues.

We trained Drinkaware Crew to work in clubs and venues to help support the welfare and wellbeing of young people on a night out.

Working in pairs, Drinkaware Crew mingle with customers to promote a positive social atmosphere and help those who may be vulnerable as a result of drinking too much alcohol. This can include reuniting lost customers with friends, helping people into taxis, or simply providing a shoulder to cry on.

While many of our Drinkaware Crew teams are still working, we have now moved onto another phase of this scheme which is now called Nightlife Crew.

Having been trialled and reviewed 5 times Drinkaware Crew has now become Nightlife Crew which is a train the trainer package and licensing agreement which includes:


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Drunken Nights Out: The Research

Our Drunken Nights Out: motivations, norms and rituals in the night-time economy report found that:

In the last year (at the time of the research) 35% of young women had experienced inappropriate sexual comments or abuse, 44% had experienced sexual touching and 54% had experienced either or both

51% of young women experienced inappropriate or unwanted sexual comments or touching most or every time they go on a night out

We also found that:

Around 10% of young men admitted to having behaved in one or more harassing way in the last month with around 6% of young men saying they had grabbed or groped someone they didn’t know, 6% said they had made sexual remarks or comments to someone they didn’t know and 5% said they had licked someone they didn’t know

These are just some of the figures that highlighted sexual harassment and vulnerability in the Night-time economy as a problem.

Testimonials about Drinkaware Crew

‘Working with partners like Drinkaware will help to produce a safer and more welcome environmentwhich will be to everyone’s benefit. We want people to enjoy themselves and be safe at the same time. This is a good way of achieving that and spreading the word that Cheltenham is a good place to spend a night out.’ Martin Surl, Police and Crime Commissioner for Gloucestershire

‘…great asset to the UPSU in making sure we maintain our duty of care. Since they have joined the team at the UPSU we have found ourselves with a lot more time and free man-power to deal with the job in hand.’ Craig Franks, Axien Security, University of Plymouth Student Union (UPSU)

‘DHP Family are very happy to be involved in the project, we are always looking at practicable initiatives that will improve safety and the customer experience in our venues. The project has been a valuable exercise, it has not only helped some of our customers to remain safe, but it has also freed up managers and security staff to keep the venue running effectively when they would have been otherwise tied up.’ Julie Tippins, Head of Compliance, DHP Family

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