Have a little less, feel a lot better campaign

Have a little less, feel a lot better aims to help men aged 45-64 make better choices about their drinking.

While in recent years, the quantity and frequency of alcohol consumption among younger age groups has declined, drinking behaviours among older people have not declined in the same way.

Our Have a little less, feel a lot better campaign, going live across the Midlands, North of England, Scotland and Wales, helps men aged 45-64 understand that drinking even a little less alcohol each day throughout the week can have benefits for their health.

We launched our 'Have a little less, feel a lot better' campaign at the beginning of January 2017. The integrated campaign aims to help UK drinkers understand the numerous benefits that drinking less can bring, such as weight loss, improved sleep and mental wellbeing and encourages them to download the Drinkaware: Track and calculate Units app.

The #littleless campaign includes digital and print advertising on underground and National Rail across the UK, in store promotional activity with Asda and the delivery of IBA (Identification and Brief Advice) in pharmacies and with Health Champions in the North of England.

Interactive tools and videos

Advertising, engaging video content and an online tool have been created to help these men understand how alcohol can affect their body and provide simple steps to support them to reduce their drinking.

Find more information about the evidence behind our new campaign and its tools.

Support our campaign

Support from our funders and partners ensures we reach those who will most benefit from our campaigns.

Our ‘Have a little less, feel a lot better’ campaign toolkit contains information and assets so that you can promote the campaign to your customers:

  • Social media images & copy
  • Digital advertising images
  • Posters
  • Radio ads

Email vnewland@drinkaware.co.uk for more information on the campaign or download our campaign toolkit.


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