Drink Free Days

The Drink Free Days campaign, in partnership with Public Health England, aims to help people cut down on the amount of alcohol they are regularly drinking.

A YouGov poll has found that one in five of UK adults are drinking above the Chief Medical Officers’ low risk drinking guidelines1 and more than two thirds of these say they would find cutting down on their drinking harder to do than one or more other lifestyle changes - improving their diet, exercising more, or reducing their smoking, if they were smokers. 

The more alcohol people drink , the greater their risk of developing a number of serious potentially life limiting health conditions, such as high blood pressure and heart disease, as well as seven types of cancer.

Regular drinking also increases the amount of calories consumed and can contribute to weight gain and obesity.

Behavioural Science

Evidence from behavioural science suggests that simple and easy ways of helping people to change their behaviour are the most effective, which is why Drinkaware and PHE have chosen to focus on Drink Free Days.  Pre-campaign research also found that the concept resonated strongly with people and was seen as clear to follow, positive and achievable. 

Working with PHE

This new partnership between Public Health England and Drinkaware is a fresh and bold step in our work to reduce alcohol harm. PHE’s One You digital platform has a strong track record on encouraging behaviour change; Drinkaware is an independent educational charity with an extensive reach to the key audiences. Working together to help communicate the message that having drink free days will reduce the risks to your health is the first move in what we hope will be a long term partnership. 


A dedicated website provides all the information, resources and apps to help support people, including the One You Drink Free Days app and Drinkaware’s Drink Compare Calculator: www.drinkfreedays.co.uk

Interactive tools and videos

Advertising, engaging video content and an online tool have been created to help people understand the ways in which alcohol affect’s the body and to help them moderate their drinking.

Support our campaign

Support from our partners and funders helps us to reach those who will benefit from our campaigns.

Our Drink Free Days toolkit contains a range of materials:

  • Social media images and copy
  • Digital advertising images
  • Posters
  • Radio ads

[1] 20% of all UK adults reported to be drinking over 14 units per week, with significant differences between men and women: 28% men and 12% women.

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