The aims of the campaign were to:

  • Support parents by reminding them to have conversations about alcohol with their children
  • Provide factual information about alcohol in an accessible way to help parents structure these conversations 

The key messages were:

  • Drinking underage is associated with a number of risks, such as engaging in risky sex, being exposed to violence, getting injured and underperforming at school.
  • Talk to your child about all the risks of drinking alcohol underage so that they are able to reduce the risk of future harm from drinking alcohol. 
  • Drinkaware can support you with the facts and advice to help inform a conversation with your child. Find out more at 

Outcomes and impact

Included in the summary evaluation of the underage campaign are the outcomes and impacts, which contain:

  • Visibility and reach
  • Parents' response to the campaign 

The full summary evaluation for the 2014 underage campaign can be downloaded here.