Drinkaware's response to Minimum Unit Pricing Ruling

On 15 November 2017 the UK Supreme Court ruled that Scotland can set a minimum price for alcohol.

15 November 2017

Drinkaware’s response to the Supreme Court’s decision on minimum unit pricing in Scotland:

The World Health Organisation has suggested that price, availability and advertising are key drivers of consumption, for alcohol as for most other consumer products. However, public understanding of alcohol harm, and the social and cultural contexts of drinking, are also important when it comes to harmful drinking, and are highly relevant when it comes to changing behaviour.

The ruling of the Supreme Court to permit a minimum price for alcohol in Scotland should be considered in this context, and we shall watch with interest to see the longer-term effects on drinking behaviour.

In addition, Drinkaware shall continue its efforts in Scotland to help people make better choices about drinking, and to provide the public with impartial information and advice about alcohol harm.

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