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19th October 2021


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Socialising can be a real challenge when you’re looking to reduce your drinking. Peer pressure from those around you can make it seem like several pints, a sickening hangover, and an embarrassing anecdote are all core ingredients for a good time.

Research shows that peer pressure to drink alcohol can be experienced at any age, even if we think we might be ‘older and wiser’ to it. Now the bars are back open, why not try something new and seek out one of these guilt-free bars?

With Alcohol Awareness Week soon upon us (on November 15), we look at some of the UK’s hottest alcohol-free bars to kick back with your friends and loved ones.

Alcohol-free bars in the UK

Yada, Derby

Reimaging Derby’s nightlife, Yada is a lively alcohol-free venue aimed at those who are sober, looking to cut down their drinking or just feel like a night off from alcohol.

Redemption Bar, London

This west London hotspot claims to be the world’s first alcohol-free bar and has a vast range of mocktails.

The Nest, Hastings

Funded by local not-for-profit Eggtooth, this alcohol-free bar is an intimate space to socialise and hosts events, creative workshops, and therapy rooms.

Cafe Sobar, Nottingham

This alcohol-free haunt is a great space to enjoy a drink with friends, family or work colleagues and pours all its profits into alcohol and drug recovery charity, Double Impact.

Mr Fitzpatrick’s Temperance Bar, Rawtenstall

The family-friendly dry bar is ideal for anyone with a sweet tooth and has a range of weird and wonderful vintage tonics and cordials.

Proudfoot & Co, Winchester

This cosy venue serves up interesting alcohol-free concoctions based on old recipes from forgotten ages with a special focus on fresh ingredients.

LGBT+ alcohol-free venues

If you’re specifically looking for LGBT+ spaces to socialise as a community, you’ll be pleased to know you’ve got options. Newest on the block being Glass House, a creative venue, cafe, and alcohol-free bar in east London.

There are also a few other initiatives that are providing LGBT+ alcohol-free spots to safely meet and hang out. From Queers without Beers who host a number of events that are alcohol-free to sober mixers and PJ parties organised by Colours Hoxton. It’s also worth checking out Meet up for various LGBT+ groups to join that host alcohol-free events.

Don’t forget the benefits

Just a few small changes to the way you approach alcohol could have a big impact on how you look and feel. Keeping to the low risk drinking guidelines of no more than 14 units a week with several drink free days will also help you avoid a sore head, dry mouth, dehydration, and all those other common hangover symptoms.

Cutting back has several benefits, from reducing stress, to keeping you in shape and helping you sleep more soundly. Reducing your alcohol intake is also great news for your long-term health, lowering the risks of alcohol-related cancers, diabetes, and heart disease. It puts less pressure on your liver too.

If you want to find out more about your drinking, try our Drink Compare Quiz. Or download the free MyDrinkaware app which lets you pick drink-free days and sends you tips and reminders to help you track all your achievements.


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