I've had a little less, lost weight and gained a good night's sleep

People skiing on slope


18th May 2018






“The thought of my first skiing holiday in more than ten years was what motivated me to try the “Have a little less, feel a lot better” challenge. Though I feel pretty healthy, I want to lose weight and get fitter so I can really enjoy being up in the mountains. I knew cutting down on my drinking in the week was one way to lose a few pounds.

“Right from the start this experience has made me think more honestly about what I drink at home. I drive a petrol tanker all over the South of England, so my hours are irregular and what I drink depends on the next day’s shift. If I was on a day shift I was aware I’d drink two or three ciders in the evening, but when I stopped to think about it I realised when I got in from a late shift at midnight I’d have a short then too. It was my way of winding down after a long day. An argument with my girlfriend would give me another excuse to open an extra bottle.”

“I’ve not found it as hard as I thought to cut down and break some of those habits where I’d usually reach for a drink. Now I don’t always have a cider with my dinner and I’ve cut out the late night gins when I get in from work. I’ve also gone a few days without drinking any alcohol and haven’t really missed it.”

“It’s great that I’ve lost twelve pounds – nearly a stone, but I suppose I expected that. What’s surprised me is how much better I am sleeping. As a driver it’s important to feel refreshed and alert when I get up for work. Now I’m waking up less in the night and I’m not as tired when I wake up in the morning. Working different shifts mean my body clock is all over the place – when I’m on days I have to get up at 4am – so getting a good night’s sleep has made a big difference to me.”

“I won’t give up alcohol completely as drinking is a big part of my social life. But fewer drinks at home means my tolerance has gone down, so I drink less when I’m out. I tend to drink more over the summer – when the sun’s out I get a real taste for alcohol – but the last BBQ I went to I was nursing rather than necking my drinks! Making a few small changes to my drinking habits at home has definitely been good for me.”

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