About the Funder Portal 

Through the Funder Portal Drinkaware's funders will be able to quickly and easily upload information and nutritional data about their brands and products. This information will be made available to Drinkaware's website users through a searchable database, creating a seamless flow from producer to consumer of the most up-to-date information about their products.

Why have Drinkaware created it?

As you may know, on 13 March 2017, the European Commission adopted a report on the mandatory labelling of ingredients and nutrition declaration for alcoholic beverages. The commission subsequently invited the alcoholic beverages industry to develop, within a year, a self-regulatory proposal aiming to provide information on ingredients and nutrition of all alcoholic beverages.

With 9.4 million visitors per annum we believe that the Drinkaware website, as the go-to consumer destination for information on alcohol, can and should be part of the solution for this challenge.

What are the benefits to our funders?

Designed to comply with UK Government guidance on nutrition labeling the online database will provide a ready-made platform for funders to display nutritional information to consumers simply, accurately and in a form with they are familiar. This represents a unique opportunity for funders to both enhance product knowledge among consumers and demonstrate a firm commitment to transparency and the responsible sale and consumption of alcohol.

Added to this, funders will be able to signpost consumers directly to the Drinkaware website, mitigating the need for major overhauls of packaging and labelling. This will ensure the database is a cost effective response to the challenge set by the European Commission.

Further benefits for funders include:

  • Easy and intuitive access to database for funders for simple uploading
  • All development and technical support delivered by Drinkaware, at no extra cost to funders
  • Embeddable version provided to add to funders’ websites
  • Usage statistics relating to searches for funders’ brands and products provided on request by Drinkaware

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