Last week we entered a logo licence agreement with the increasingly popular restaurant delivery service Deliveroo.

This is timely - they’ve entered into delivering drinks as well, meaning that customers ordering their gourmet favourites can now choose a decent bottle of claret to go with it if they wish. We’re delighted they’re going to be carrying the Drinkaware logo  - it makes sense if they are going to be delivering alcohol this way that they should carry our message.

Drinkaware research shows that while at home drinking continues to increase, eating a meal when drinking is a good idea and whilst we don’t want to stop anyone enjoying a drink, helping people be better informed about the health impacts of drinking can be an important part of efforts to reduce misuse and minimise alcohol harm.

New partners

The success of Deliveroo is just one of the increasingly diverse ways that alcohol is bought and enjoyed - we’ve seen a rise in casual dining too. It's why we’ve recently welcomed The Restaurant Group and Whitbread on board as Drinkaware partners, adding to the considerable support we receive from across the on-trade and hospitality industries. Both organisations have a huge presence in towns and communities across the country and continue to come up with new concepts and styles to satisfy consumer demand for more choice and diversity.

Research from the Big Hospitality Group suggests that consumers increasingly prefer to drink alcohol in casual dining venues as opposed to pubs and bars. That said, the BBPA has found that visiting a pub remains hugely important on the list of things to do when tourists come to the UK, and seven out of ten overseas visitors come to a pub whilst they are here.

We’re delighted that The Restaurant Group and Whitbread have joined UK pub operators in supporting Drinkaware as part of the many actions they take to support responsibility and help provide excellent customer information.

Alcohol guidance

It is essential that no matter how people buy and drink alcohol, they understand the effects that drinking can have on their health in the long-term. It’s easy to forget about the one or two glasses of wine drunk with dinner, but the units quickly add up. One regular (175ml) glass of 14% ABV wine is nearly two and a half units - three glasses with dinner would be more than half of the weekly guidelines in one night. And one regular glass of 13% ABV wine is about 160 calories or the equivalent of a slice of Madeira cake - something to bear in mind if you went for the salad and skipped dessert because you’re on a diet.

As the UK hospitality industry continues to evolve, at Drinkaware we’ll be thinking creatively about how to bring empowering, practical, accessible messages to its customers to help them make better, more informed choices about their drinking. Working alongside a dynamic and developing industry, I hope we’ll be able to engage with more partners in the future. If we can help you think about alcohol in your workplace, do get in touch.