Having a think about how much you drink?


A couple of drinks most nights a week may seem harmless. But they could be damaging your health. 

Having more Drink Free Days is a simple way to drink a little less – and feel a whole lot better. Find out how.

Why have more Drink Free Days?

10 top tips to have more Drink Free Days

Stress-busting tips to help you stick to your Drink Free Days

Compare your drinking to the rest of the UK

Beyond January: Feel better across the year

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It's only a couple, what's the harm?


We can't always see the effects of alcohol on the body that build up over time.

But our short videos and handy webpages are here to give you the facts you need to know.

Alcohol and mental health


Alcohol doesn't just give you a headache.


Learn more 





Alcohol and weight gain


Find out how Drink Free Days could help you get in shape and reduce your risk of serious health conditions.


Learn more




Alcohol and breast cancer


Find out about the link between alcohol and breast cancer, recognise the symptoms and reduce your risk.


Learn more





Alcohol and the heart


Find out more information about the effects of alcohol on the heart.



Learn more




Curious? Keep exploring


Apps to track your drinking and more helpful info to support you in cutting back and feeling better.



Important: Get medical advice before you stop drinking if you have physical withdrawal symptoms e.g. shaking, sweating, nausea before you have your first drink of the day. It can be dangerous to stop drinking too quickly without proper support if you are experiencing symptoms of alcohol withdrawal.


View the evidence behind the Drink Free Days campaign.

View the evidence behind our health harm videos.

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