I want to reduce my drinking

Well done, you've made the decision to reduce your drinking – great! To give you a hand, we've put together some tools that will assess your drinking, help you build a personal plan full of simple tips to take more Drink Free Days, and stay on track.

Taking the journey to reduce your drinking means you could soon be on your way to reducing your risk of the harms associated with drinking alcohol. Not only that, get ready for some of the other possible benefits of drinking less: improved skin, better sleep and more energy. Maybe even save money.

DrinkCompare quiz

The DrinkCompare quiz is a quick way to assess how much you drink and compare it to the rest of the UK population. It will help identify if your relationship with alcohol is about right, or risky to your health. You can create a plan with tips and strategies to reduce your drinking and improve your health – such as taking more Drink Free Days each week.

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Drinkaware app

Our app provides an easy way to track the units and calories in your drinks. It also provides you with insights to review your drinking patterns over time to help you identify when, where and how you can reduce your drinking. Set yourself goals, track how much you spend, monitor how you are reducing your drinking day by day and see how it benefits your health and well-being. Download the app to understand the impact of your drinking, and help change your relationship with alcohol.

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